BELLAGIO- Year of the Dog - CNY 2018

by Jim Boulden

10,000 Visitors Rate the Bellagio's Year of the Dog Display on TripAdvisor 

Way back in 2003, Animal Makers created it's first animal zodiak display for the Bellagio Las Vegas.  It was the Chinese New Year of the Sheep.  An oversized Golden Ram with gorgeous, long fleece was created and displayed atop a tall mountain right in the middle of the Conservatory.

This year, Animal Makers once again helped the Bellagio celebrate the Year of the Dog.  Creating 18 individual dog display items were created.  The largest was an 18' tall Siberian Husky with an animatronic, wagging tail.  The reviews are beginning to come in, and things look great.  Here are a few screen grabs from TripAdvisor filed by visitors in early February, 2018.

Almost 10,000 visitors (in just one month of the display opening) took the time to rate the display, and it seems to have done very well.  Over 6,000 photographs were posted as well.



Enjoy a 2018 Year of the Dog walk through available on YouTube;