Alligator/Crocodile Molds and Props Art Production Set

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The swamps aren't the only place to find giant alligators!

Here is a variety of alligators, large and small.  This set has head & neck props, full body with no arms, full body with arms, tails and half body rigs.  These props can go into water, stand on land, stand alone or be worn as a backpack.  You will also get a baby saltwater crocodile or alligator and all the molds to make more of it all.

Props included:

$1200.00  Alligator Head Mold Pattern

$750.00  Alligator Crocodile Head and Neck Movie Prop

$900.00 X2 Realistic Alligator Crocodile Above Water Top Section Movie Prop

$2200.00  Alligator Crocodile Tail Movie Prop

$2500.00  Realistic Alligator Crocodile Tail Core and Skin

$850.00  Baby Saltwater Crocodile/Alligator Blank Flat Version

$5250.00 X2 Realistic Alligator Replica

$7500.00  Realistic Alligator Stunt Prop

$7000.00  Alligator Snapping Rig Prop

Molds included:

$5000.00  Alligator Crocodile Head and Neck Mold

$4500.00  Alligator Back Prop Mold

$2200.00  Alligator Crocodile Tail Mold

$5500.00  Saltwater Crocodile/Alligator Baby Flat Version Mold

$5500.00  Baby Saltwater Crocodile/Alligator Flat Version Mold

$10000.00  Alligator Mold Updated

$8000.00  Alligator Core Mold

$3000.00  Alligator Front Leg Molds

$3000.00  Alligator Rear Leg Molds

$1250.00  Alligator Eye Mold

$1500.00  Alligator Lost Eye Mold

$1500.00  Alligator Tail End Mold

$1500.00  Alligator Tongue Mold

$1250.00  Alligator Tongue Core Mold


Props totaling $34,300.00

Molds totaling $53,700.00

Grand total $88,000.00



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