Adult Eagle Costume Body

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Book an eagle to your next production! This is for the BODY, HEAD and TIGHTS only.

This character turns heads anywhere it goes! This eagle suit is a bit wacky and funny. Can be used as a School Mascot! 

Included in this Special Pricing is the fully feathered body, a set of tights (that are airbrushed with eagle coloring) and an over-sized head. 

NOT included in this rental / purchase, and will need to be added to complete outfit:

Adult Eagle Costume Right Wing

Adult Eagle Costume Left Wing

 Plus the wings are built for the performer to grab and hold stuff (like a can of your favorite beverage. 

The feet Adult Eagle Costume Feet are an option and give the costume the full character appeal.

The animation head is an optional item Adult Eagle Costume Animatronic Head  and are controlled using a radio control unit with joysticks.  Animations included are: eyes turn left and right, brows move up and down, and the mouth opens and shuts (all controlled by a radio joystick, or can be put on automatic).