New Animatronic Gorilla Costume Offered

New Animatronic Gorilla Costume Offered

Posted by Jim Boulden on 29th Feb 2016

Feb. 29, 2016: Moorpark, California

Gorillas Escape Studio 

Animal Makers introduces Maxim, an animatronic Eastern Mountain Silverback Gorilla costume that is amazingly realistic!  Since 1979, we have worked to lower costs for Hollywood level special effects costumes.

The first one of these delivers March 3 to his new home in Florida!  The next one will be available the end of March. 

Here is an overview of with images and video. 


  • Animated eye blinks and eye turns,
  • Mouth animation
  • Hand laid fur and hair on chest and face
  • High quality artificial fur
  • Foamed latex face with whiskers hand punched
  • Upper and lower muscle suit layer
  • Latex gloves with snaps to remove
  • Optional arm extensions (either animatronic or non-animatronic)
  • Replaceable feet and hands
  • Hand painted, glass eyes
  • Accurate teeth and mouth palette
  • Dual packing cases with wheels and handles
  • Controller for animated face
  • Onboard battery and hanging pack for animated face

Get one of these for your show!  Click Here

Here's an animated gorilla built right here at Animal Makers for Gorilla Glue: